A DAY-lightful new Doris Day CD of her RARE 1950s radio show duets
Published: July 11, 2017

On general sale now is, Day Time on the Radio – Lost Radio Duets from the Doris Day Show (1952-1953)‘.

Well we just received in the post this uniquely themed, new 30 track CD includes rare duets from darling Doris’ popular CBS Radio series, “The Doris Day Show”. The fun filled radio series broadcast between March 1952 and May 1953 was recorded in Hollywood in front of a live audience.

What is so special about the series is Doris was so often joined by her showbiz friends and other special guests from her hit movies of the time. Better still Doris would then perform duets with these stars which had not been commercially recorded. The best of these magical duets have now been lovingly re-mastered and restored from original 16 inch transcription discs for this must-have 2017 US CD release.

“The Doris Day Show” radio series was mostly comprised of Doris’ solo Columbia Record releases played during the half-hour programs. In addition, many other solo song performances by Doris were heard for the first time that were recorded in a batch of 32 “transcription recordings” Doris made strictly for radio broadcast. Those songs have subsequently appeared on numerous vinyl album and CD releases and include such selections as “I Could Write A Book”, “Stardust” and “My Blue Heaven”. However, there is one solo song by Doris, a rendition of the Teresa Brewer US hit “Till I Waltz Again With You” that was only ever heard once on “The Doris Day Show” on radio and was never released. It now appears here on CD for the first time as a bonus track on “Day Time On The Radio”.

The standout moments from this release is Doris’ rendition of Irving Berlin’s “You’re Just In Love” with Van Johnson and several duets with Doris’ regular leading man Gordon MacRae. The finishing touch to this project is a booklet containing detailed notes and rare publicity photos including images of Doris recording and rehearsing the radio show with guests.

The CD was released earlier this year as a fund-raiser for Doris Day Animal Foundation and to commemorate Doris’ birthday.


Lost Radio Duets from the Doris Day Show (1952-1953)

Label: Real Gone Music

  1. It’s Magic (The Doris Day Show Radio Opening)
  2. A Wooin’ We Will Go – with Howard Keel
  3. The Love Nest – with Gordon MacRae
  4. You’re Just in Love – with Van Johnson
  5. Ma Says, Pa Says – with Broderick Crawford & Don Wilson
  6. Dearie – with Dan Dailey
  7. Life Will Be Peaches & Cream – with Tony Martin
  8. Red Hot Henry Brown – with Kirk Douglas
  9. I Will Marry You – with John Agar
  10. By the Light of the Silvery Moon – with Gordon MacRae
  11. A Kiss Like This – with Alan Young
  12. Merrily Song – with Donald O’Connor
  13. Take Me Out to the Ball Game – with Ronald Reagan & Bob Crosby
  14. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles – with Jack Smith
  15. Tea For Two – with Gordon MacRae
  16. We’re in Love – with Broderick Crawford
  17. My Darling, My Darling – with Frank Loesser
  18. Around the Corner – with Marais & Miranda
  19. Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie – with George Jessel
  20. Little by Little – with Walter O’Keefe
  21. Something Sort of Grandish – with David Wayne
  22. You’re My Peaches & Cream – with David Butler
  23. Together – with Don Wilson
  24. I’ll Be Seeing You – with George Murphy
  25. Ma Says, Pa Says – with Marais & Miranda and Gordon MacRae
  26. I’m Gonna Mend My Fences – with Howard Keel
  27. Cuddle Up a Little Closer/Till We Meet Again – with Gordon MacRae
  28. Jingle Bells – with Jimmy Boyd/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – with Jack Kirkwood & Don Wilson
  29. Love to Be with You (The Doris Day Show Radio Closing)
  30. Till I Waltz Again with You – Doris Day solo (Bonus Track)