American author Tom Santopietro considers the artist & the woman
Published: June 4, 2007

After many, many false starts Tom Santopietro’s book on Doris Day is finally in stores for all to enjoy. It would be fair to say that this thoughtful account of her career and life has been well worth the wait!

Tom Santopietro has worked for the past twenty years in New York theatre as a manager of more than two dozen Broadway shows. Many music fans will be familiar with his last project which was dedicated to the global icon & diva Barbra Streisand (The Importance of Being Barbra).

The finished hardback was released by publisher Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press in both the UK and USA at the end of March 2007. It totals close to 400-pages, features 20 B/W photographs and proclaims to reveal why Day’s work continues to resonate today, both in ever increasing record sales and Hollywood lifetime achievement awards.

***Please note: That since this article was written the Hardback edition has been superceded by a Paperback edition of ‘Considering Doris Day’. This was released in the USA in August 2008 and in the UK during October 2008. ***


Considering Doris Day
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin USA
ISBN-10: 0312382146

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