As far as former Queen band member Brian May is concerned “Doris still rocks best!”
Published: October 10, 2007

The lead guitarist of rock band Queen recently posted a gushing tribute to Doris Day on his official blog at

Brian May CBE is best known around the world for being the lead guitarist of the English rock band Queen. He was also the talented tunesmith of many of the band’s biggest hit singles, including “We Will Rock You”, “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “I Want It All”.

What a nice, unexpected surprise it was to learn from some of Mr May's fans that he had posted a highly flattering tribute to Doris Day on his blog. It seems that one evening a Doris Day movie happened to catch his attention from the corner of his eye. This then inspired the rock legend to post quite a charming piece about the star who he described as being

“the most wonderful lady singer in history”

The music maestro told of how thanks to his wife he often caught a glimpse of the old vintage Hollywood musical-movies. He then surmised how he wondered “what some of these singers would have sounded like with the benefit of Pro-Tools … to fix the little inaccuracies”. It appears however in his professional opinion that Ms. Day never fell into that category of singer as he considered her to have “the best pitch of any girl in history”. In fact he went on to proclaim

“…She is technically unmatched, adorable, mind-blowingly expressive, and probably the best interpreter of a song I ever saw.”

I am sure you will agree how nice it is to hear such positive praise from someone who is so respected and influential in the music industry. His very public words I am sure will only help at introducing a few more people to the talents of our beloved songstress!