British chat show host & singer Des O’Connor interviews Doris Day about her 1994 lost “Love Album”
Published: December 20, 2004

In 1994, the English television personality and singer Des O’Connor, CBE was granted an exclusive and rare television interview with Doris Day for his popular British talk show. Ms. Day joined O’Connor live via satellite to discuss her new album “The Love Album” which had recently been discovered almost 30 years after it was recorded.


The question everyone wants to know, is why is it all of a sudden can we buy a NEW Doris Day Album (“The Love Album”)?

Well we lost it, couldn’t find it. It was put in storage somewhere and it wasn’t until recently Terry (Her Son) found it. But they were songs I really love and I adored singing them. I am really very excited about it. It’s fun!

Something I have to ask you. At the height of your fame you made a really big decision to leave Show Business and the Movies and dedicate your life to animals. It was a big decision, why did you do that Doris?

I didn’t really decide to leave Show Business, I wasn’t going to do that at all. I moved out of Los Angeles up to Carmel. I would have worked if I had found something I really loved and still might do that! Nothing is over till it’s over. Isn’t that what they say?!

You got a little disillusioned at the time, with maybe the parts they were offering you ? and things like that?

It’s just that it is very difficult to find a great script and one that I wanted to do and film in Carmel. The years go by and I was busy with my animal work and enjoying my life. It just seemed to work out that way, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t work again, I probably will!

Good News to hear that!  Let’s get to the Animals. How many Animals have you got Doris?

Well I have quite a few, I always say that. There are dogs & cats and I feed the racoons. They come up and have dinner every night. When I get back to the house after this they’re going to have beautiful chicken, brown rice and vegetables, chicken broth and all that good stuff.

Tell me about Carmel that’s in California you have some V.I.P neighbours like Clint Eastwood wasn’t he the Mayor. Is he wandering around the supermarkets ? Do you go shopping?

I do all my shopping for my house.

What do the people say “Oh, Doris !” or are they used to you now in Carmel?

Well some are, we have a lot of visitors in Carmel who are very surprised to see me and with three carts behind me! When I shop I shop!

You surprised me earlier by saying you might make another film. If you did do a movie, looking around at today’s actors for a leading man is there anyone who would catch your eye, you’d say yeah he’s for me?

Well I haven’t thought about that. If I had known you were going to ask that question I would have had a name for you. Well let’s see. I’ll tell you who I really like… Sean Connery!

What about today’s movies, ’cause those lovely old movies that we all love, seem to have gone forever. What do you think of today’s movies all the nudity and violence?

It’s not my kind of movie, I just wouldn’t do that but you know to each their own!

Let me ask you about music. Who do you have in your collection?

I have everybody, you know I love all kinds of music it’s all so great. I don’t have just favourite things I like everything, Country and Western, Rock ‘n Roll, I like it all and the kind of music I always did.

What can I say you are looking gorgeous as ever and the personality’s there. I can feel it coming from all those miles away. How do you keep so trim looking are you exercising?

Well you don’t know if I am looking trim, I am sitting down. Now wait a minute, you want me to stand up?

[Doris Day stands up looking slender and a picture of health]

Ladies and Gentleman will you thank the lovely lady Doris Day!  [Wild Applause]