Doris Day makes surprise call to British TV & Radio star Paul O’Grady
Published: December 28, 2015

British Comedian, TV & Radio star Paul O’Grady was given quite a surprise on the Christmas Day edition of his immensely popular BBC Radio 2 show when he received an unexpected call from one of his idols — the Hollywood icon Doris Day!

The singer, actress and life-long animal lover and advocate, Doris Day had heard from a “little bird” about all the wonderful things that fellow animal lover Paul O’Grady was doing in Great Britain to raise awareness for animal rights issues. Day gave the star of hit British TV show ‘For The Love Of Dogs‘ a personal “Thank you” on behalf of her beloved American charity the Doris Day Animal Foundation for his good work encouraging pet owners in Great Britain to take extra special care watching over their pets during the winter months. Day who was calling in from her home in Carmel (California) ended her call by wishing everyone a “Happy Healthy New Year!”

“Please take extra special care watching over your pets, you know how much I love the animals so lets make sure together that they are kept warm and happy during the winter months” – DORIS DAY

I wonder who the little bird could be?…….tweet, tweet