Doris Day’s 1950s Radio Shows released on first of a new series of British CDs from Zone Records
Published: May 14, 2007


There are very few CD releases nowadays that I greet with genuine interest as over the last 10 or so years more or less all of Doris Day’s studio-recorded work has been given good coverage in this format.

This first CD set by Zone Records (UK) does however offer something new as it turns the spotlight on another important part of Ms. Day’s career which was her time on radio.

Between 1952 and 1953, the actress and singer was given her own variety entertainment spot on American radio station CBS known as “The Doris Day Show”. Each episode recorded in Hollywood would be full of comedic banter and general chit-chat between Doris and some of her movie and music co-stars (e.g. Kirk Douglas, Ronald Reagan, Howard Keel, Frankie Laine and Guy Mitchell). It would also offer the star a perfect vehicle to perform many of her single releases, tunes from her motion pictures and other songs that she adored but simply did not get to record in the studio.

The first of these shows to receive a digital makeover originate from April and May 1952. Zone Records include in their first volume of “The Doris Day Show” four consecutive episodes from this period. Each show remains unedited and as it was originally broadcast to audiences some 50 years ago (i.e. with introductions and commercials intact).

What is significant about this series and indeed the first volume is there are songs that feature which Doris did not get to record for her record label Columbia Records. In fact, due to contractual reasons Columbia did not allow Doris to cut studio recordings with many of her movie co-stars as they were signed to rival labels. It is therefore a great joy to hear in the first release collaborations with people such as the adorable Gordon MacRae. Other guests who appear in this set include Ray Bolger (April in Paris), songwriters Frank Loesser (If I Were A Bell & Baby It’s Cold Outside), Marais & Miranda (Ma Says Pa Says) and Donald O’Connor (Singing In The Rain).

Although the recording techniques of the time do show flaws this is greatly marginalised by the fact Zone Records got one of the UK’s top audio mastering engineers Ted Carfrae to restore the shows. Carfrae painstakingly restored these recordings and his due care paid off. Actually it is fair to say that overall this set demonstrates a lot of attention to detail offering a really quality product. The sumptuous packaging also features rare photographs, detailed song information, liner notes and two picture disc CDs.

It truly is a shame that some of the major labels out there can not learn from the standards set by this independent record label. My advice is don’t miss out on this nostalgic trip back in time!


Love To Be With You (The Doris Day Show: Volume 1)
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Show date – 11 April 1952

Show date – 18 April 1952

Show date – 25 April 1952

Show date – 2 May 1952