Doris Day: “the website you have done on me is incredible”
Published: September 1, 1999

It was back in 1993, after a surge of promotion for Doris Day’s best-selling British CD, “The Hit Singles Collection”, that I got to hear the sixties pop-tune ‘Move Over Darling’. My CD and video collection as well as an appreciation for the American entertainer quickly grew from that moment onwards.

In 1998, after becoming quite intrigued by the wonders of the world wide web I decided to have a go at creating the first ever Doris Day website – a place where people could “Discover Doris” (Now that is a good idea for a name!). 

A year on, my website had become a hive of activity with fans writing me from all over the world. The time was now right to show Ms. Day exactly what I had done. So, I printed out in book-form all of the pages from the site and posted them to her in Carmel (California). To my absolute joy she very kindly replied. Her kind words of enthusiasm became the inspiration I needed to continue developing and maintaining this tribute-site.


“The website that you have done on me is incredible and I just want to say thank you for sending it to me. I think it’s fantastic that you’ve done all this…” – Doris Day