Hollywood icon Doris Day chats live today with her local radio station; sampler now on youtube!
Published: April 3, 2011

Today, fans of the Hollywood movie and music icon Doris Day were in for an absolute joyous treat when the star chatted “live on air” with DJs at her local radio station.

The station, MAGIC 63 AM/KIDD-630 AM broadcasted their annual “birthday” tribute show in honour of the multi-million selling recording artist and award-winning actress. Hosted by DJs Ed Dickinson and Kevin Kahl the show played four hours of Ms. Day biggest-selling chart hits and most adored songs. The station was reportedly inundated with thousands of callers from as far as Paris (France) and London (England) anxious to express their well wishes to the star.

Ms. Day joined the hosts by telephone for a chat from her Carmel home. She chatted  about her deep appreciation for her “friends” (fans), various projects currently being undertaken by her beloved Animal Foundation and various memories about her illustrious career. The show was also joined by the author/producer Pierre Patrick who talked in-depth about the many upcoming ‘Doris Day’ animal-welfare and music projects which includes an album containing the star’s ONLY remaining “unreleased” studio recordings (recorded during the 1980s) – due out soon later in 2011 on the Columbia/Sony Music label (England).

EXTRACTS FROM BROADCAST: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk55IXhgccY

NOTE: Further extracts from the broadcast due soon @ http://www.dorisday.com


DJ Ed Dickinson with his Wife Anne (April 3rd 2011). Photo © 2011 Ed Dickinson.