Mattel’s Director of Marketing Liz Grampp talks to this site about their new Barbie Collector gift set celebrating Doris Day & Rock Hudson’s “Pillow Talk”
Published: July 4, 2011

Mattel released on the 16 June 2011 their Barbie Collector “Pillow Talk” gift set which features Ken and Barbie paying homage to their on-screen idols Doris and Rock!

The “Pillow Talk” gift set retails for around $70-80USDs (item #V7160) and is available now from all good toy stores across the USA and Canada (e.g. Toys R Us). It can also be ordered from or via our special page devoted to the set which includes a VIDEO REVIEW.


Below is an exclusive interview with Liz Grampp who is the Director of Marketing for Mattel’s Barbie Collector series:


Why was 2011 the right time for Mattel to finally pay homage to Doris Day?

Doris Day has always been a top requested doll. In 2011, Mattel has been celebrating our favorite couple – Barbie and Ken. This led us to want to celebrate other famous couples on screen romances. What could be more iconic than Doris Day / Rock Hudson in the movie Pillow Talk?

Can you tell readers a bit about what the actual process for producing this set involved and how long it took from ideas on paper to it going on sale?

It takes about a year and a half from concept to launch for a doll set such as this. First, we brainstorm internally to create the overall 2011 Collection. Then we work with partners to acquire the official licenses so we can create perfectly detailed and approved dolls. Our artists and designers at Mattel begin creating the dolls, including sculpting the faces to perfect detail, and recreating important character traits – those eyes! That smile! Our designers also research the costumes and translate them to the Barbie doll scale. Also as part of this process our packaging design team works closely to bring the setting of the dolls to life, evoking best memories of the film.

Do you think Barbie would likely have been a Doris Day fan? If so, what do you think she would adore best about the Hollywood star? Also what do you think she makes of her new gown?

Barbie is absolutely a fan of Doris Day on screen and off. She loves her plucky personality, the spirited woman, making her own way in the world always with style, charm and grace. Barbie is a big fashion collector, so to have a replica of the famous Pillow Talk gown is a big fashion coup for Barbie’s closet!

Will there be any difference from the preview dolls launced at the NY Toy Fair to the ones that go on sale in July 2011? If changes were made why was this?

The dolls launched this fall match the design of the prototype dolls shown at NYTF.

Can collectors expect further fashions for their new doll being made available or indeed perhaps another doll of one of Doris’ best loved movie characters such as a ‘Calamity Jane’?

Doris Day is such an icon of film, there would always be an opportunity to expand the collection with her other best loved characters, though there is nothing currently planned for 2012.

What will the packaging be like? Does it feature any further references to the movie.

The packaging features adorable images of the film’s original promotional materials of Rock and Doris on the phone.

Now that the set is soon to be released in the USA what sort of things are you and your marketing team doing?

We have had such fun reaching out to all the Doris Day fans! In addition to this website interview, we featured the dolls in a US radio promotion. I would love to hear what the fans of this site think of the dolls.

At what retailers will American fans be able to find the set? Also where can overseas fans purchase it?

The dolls are available at retailers such as Toys R Us, and most major online retailers. The dolls are also available at with shipping to the US and Canada. If the doll is not available at your local toy or collectible store, I recommend purchasing from a global online retailer or a Barbie Dealer. Barbie dealers are listed on our website and ship globally.

From your experience who do you think the set will appeal to/is aimed at?

The set is designed for Barbie Collectors who avidly spend their time collecting and displaying Barbie dolls. It is also created for the Doris Day fan, who may have a specialized interest in Doris Day or classic film memorabilia.

Do you have any final words which you’d like to express to the many, many avid Doris Day collectors out there in cyber space?

On behalf of our designers and artists at Mattel, I hope you love the dolls as much as we enjoyed creating them. I would be happy to hear your feedback! I’m also happy to welcome you to the world of Barbie collecting where we feature many classic celebrities and iconic moments, as well as fashion and fantasy dolls. To learn more, please visit us at

What next for Barbie & Mattel?

We are already busy working on 2012 collections and beyond! We have more classic celebrities and both contemporary and classic films yet to come.

Thanks to Liz Grampp as well as Holly James at Mattel UK for their input on this article.