Midnight Lace
US Release Date: 13 October 1960

Kit Preston is a rich, young wife living in London (England). She becomes the target of near fatal accidents and crank calls claiming that her life is in jeopardy. Everyone becomes a potential suspect including her husband. The problem for Kit is the police are convinced she has an overactive imagination. Watch the movie to discover what fate awaits her. The thriller received an Oscar nomination for Best (Color) Costume Design and dare I say also produced some of the most glamorous promotional photographs I have ever seen of Doris dressed in an array of absolutely divine outfits. Doris also notably recorded two “vocal” versions of the movie’s instrumental love theme What Does A Woman Do?. Her first featured on her 1959 album What Every Girl Should Know and the other she remade for a 1960 single which coincided with the release of this movie.

Director(s): David Miller
Producer(s): Edward Muhl, Ross Hunter & Martin Melcher
Studio: Universal  (USA)
Colour (Eastmancolor)