MPI Home Video obtain exclusive rights to distribute “The Doris Day Show”
Published: June 10, 2005

The question that has been on the tips of tongues for the last few years has definitely been “will there or won’t there be a DVD release for Doris’s television sitcom?”

Well fans don’t have to wait any longer as MPI Home Video have obtained exclusive rights to distribute the program on DVD and will soon make this dream a reality!

The first North American release due out in a matter of days on June 28, 2005 is a Region 1 DVD set of Season One.
Click here to read this site’s guide to all 28 episodes from this season which was originally broadcast to American audiences from 24 September 1968 to 6 May 1969.

Introducing Doris Martin & family: From the moment opening titles role with a cheery rendition of Que Sera, Sera you are immediately transported to the idyllic country settings that are now the home for recently widowed mother Doris Martin (Doris Day) and her two sons Billy and Toby. The family who left the city to be with Doris’s father Buck Webb (Denver Pyle) start afresh on his farm. Needless to say this becomes the perfect setting for a whole lot of wholesome, sugar-coated fun, frolics with a few songs thrown in for good measure by dear Doris.

Having just received the set for review I am pleased to say that it doesn’t disappoint and has been worth all the waiting. Which for me hasn’t just been the time its taken to come to DVD but in fact it’s the first time I have ever seen these shows. You see I was born in 1976 and live on the wrong side of the Atlantic [England] so of course never even got to see the re-runs. No matter that is all in the past as each episode is now beautifully restored to the same comparative standards of those other TV sitcoms that have also joined this digital revolution.

The delightful 4-Disc set also includes the bonus materials detailed below which only add to the set’s collectible appeal. In particular, it is great to see two vintage appearances of Doris on prime-time game show What’s My Line? hosted by John Daly. Although “limited” in quality they are rare gems from the television archives.  In all there is approximately 13 hours of footage to enjoy.

Season One
Bonus Features:
– 1968 Network Promo, Sponsor & CBS Affiliates Greeting;
– Textless Main Title, Bumper & Textless End Credits;
– Season Two Preview;
– Lover Come Back Movie Trailer;
– What’s My Line (from 20 June 1954 & 8 September 1957);
– A Message from Doris recorded for the Doris Day Animal League/Foundation Promo;
– New videotaped interviews with Philip Brown (Doris Martin’s son Billy) and James Hampton (handyman Leroy B. Simpson) with series highlights and outtake clips.