Doris Day to launch her own official website
May 30, 2010

Now here's something to shout about Doris Day will soon be talking to you all direct from her all-new official website!

As many of this site's long-term followers will know our former home on the web was We did however take the decision some years ago to hand over this domain name to Doris Day's management as they wanted to launch an official website. I know the official replacement to our site has left many of you feeling very disappointed and under whelmed as it only offers a single page. We are pleased to reveal that things are soon to change!

Behind the scenes a new web team is working hard on preparing an all new home on the web to represent Doris Day. We have been advised that Doris is extremely excited about this venture and her new look site should launch some time in late June 2010. We will of course keep your appraised of when this launch takes place. From what we have been advised you can expect a very comprehensive website containing a discography, filmography, photo gallery, feature stories with pictures of her four-leggers and even messages from Doris (including audio messages).

We can not think of many stars of Doris's stature who are embracing the web with such gusto so we want to wish dear Doris great success with her new venture and truly commend her for getting so involved!

In our eyes such a website has long been overdue. One of the reasons why the 'Discovering Doris' website was launched 12 years ago (today) was to ensure there was at least one site out there to represent such an amazingly talented star and all-round special lady.

Doris we look forward to hearing you from your new online home soon!