Pillow Talk
US Release Date: 06 October 1959

Pillow Talk was the first of the Rock Hudson-Doris Day collaborations. It tells the story of a couple who share a party phone line and through the oddest of coincidences meet and fall in love. Brad Allen is the “womanizing” cad and Jan Morrow is a “perky” interior designer with uncompromising moral beliefs. This picture gained an award for Best Screenplay and an Oscar nomination for Doris as Best Actress. It was also the second-largest-grossing film of the fifties, surpassed only by The Glenn Miller Story (which told the life story of the American bandleader who had the most successful big-band of the WWII era). If you haven’t spent an evening curling up with this flick you haven’t lived!

Director(s): Michael Gordon
Producer(s): Ross Hunter & Martin Melcher
Studio: Universal Studios (USA)
Colour (Eastmancolor-CinemaScope)