Ray’s Dance with Doris Day (1993)
Published: October 24, 2005

Ray Lyons, from Rhode Island (USA), tells the story of the evening he slow danced with Doris during a rare public appearance she made for a DDAL fundraiser in 1993.

Never in my wildest imagination could I have thought of a setting so perfect as I had when I had a slow dance with Doris Day, the Lady I had admired all my life. Here I was an average guy from Rhode Island dancing with the woman I had listened to sing on my record player as a teenager, then watched her on the Silver Screen and Television delighting fans worldwide with her beauty and charm.

I was surprisingly calm and confident during our dance. It was like time was frozen and this was my special moment in time! In the background, Les Brown and his band were playing Sentimental Journey under a huge tent that was erected for the function I was attending in Carmel (CA) at the Quail Lodge golf course on October 9, 1993.

Years before when Doris sung Sentimental Journey with Les Brown it was a huge hit song in 1945. That night and dance will always be in my heart and mind and soul. When the world is cold and lonely I can bring back this wonderful experience and relive it over and over again!

Doris gave me the gift of real Joy and I can never thank her enough for this gift. The lyrics to an old song sum it up the best…

” When the angels ask me to recall the thrill of them all…” I will remember Doris!

With Much Love,
Ray Lyons