Romance On The High Seas
US Release Date: 25 June 1948

In 1947, Doris Day began filming for this charming movie. This was her film debut and her first picture for Warner Brothers. What we have here is a married couple that suspects each other of fooling around. When the husband, Michael Kent, announces he can’t join his wife, Elvira, on a planned ocean cruise she then hires a nightclub singer, Georgia Garrett to masquerade as her on the trip. The wife then stays behind to spy on her husband. Confused?

There’s more…hubby then hires a detective, Peter Virgil, to keep an eye on his wife which in reality is the stand-in, Georgia. Thanks to the directing skills of Michael Curtiz the plot moves along smoothly. These improbabilities become rather believable. Honestly! A love story unfolds set to beautiful songs which includes million seller It's Magic.

Director(s): Michael Curtiz
Producer(s): Michael Curtiz & Alex Gottlieb
Studio: Warner Bros. (USA)
Genre: Comedy/Musical/Romance
Format: Colour (Technicolor)
Alternate Title: This film was also known as It’s Magic (UK)