Stars come out to salute Doris Day for Sony Musicís 80th birthday CD boxset
Published: April 4, 2004

Doris Day contributes to a very special 3-disc set released by Sony Music (UK) to celebrate her career in music.

This has to rate as one of the most significant ĎDoris Dayí releases by the music giant which owns most of Doris Dayís original hit recordings aka Columbia/Sony Music. This definitive boxset comprises of three themed CDs featuring a total of 60 original recordings. Each has been digitally remastered and gives a beautiful overview of Dorisís 26 years of single and album recordings (1940-66).

This is also a project that I had the pleasure to conceive and coordinate in celebration of Miss Dayís epic 80th birthday. It ultimately is aimed to showcase her versatility as a songstress including hits, rarities, alternate-takes, a full Columbia album discography, track-by-track notes, mini biography, as well as a series of specially obtained celebrity anecdotes from showbiz friends and admirers e.g. Burt Bacharach, Robert Goulet, Frankie Laine, Sir Paul McCartney, Johnny Mathis, Anne Murray, Olivia Newton-John, Cybill Shepherd and Andy Williams.

The proverbial icing on the cake was the kind assistance of Miss Day who contributed a message that she wanted her fans worldwide to read.

Doris Day Ė Her Life in Music: 1940-1966
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Disc 1: Movie Hits

  1. Move Over, Darling
  2. Love Me Or Leave Me
  3. Any Way The Wind Blows
  4. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
  5. Whatever Will Be, Will Be
  6. Julie
  7. Ready, Willing and Able
  8. Secret Love
  9. Iíll See You In My Dreams
  10. Pillow Talk
  11. Itís Magic  (1947 Single Mix)
  12. Lullaby Of Broadway (With Norman Luboff Choir)
  13. The Black Hills Of Dakota
  14. The Tunnel Of Love
  15. Send Me No Flowers
  16. On Moonlight Bay
  17. Iíll Never Stop Loving You (Piano Version)
  18. Teacherís Pet
  19. Glass Bottom Boat (Alternate Version 2)
  20. Lover Come Back
  21. Caprice

Disc 2: Golden Greats

  1. A Wonderful Guy
  2. Everybody Loves A Lover
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps [Quizas, Quizas, Quizas]
  5. I Enjoy Being A Girl
  6. The Sound of Music
  7. Three Coins In The Fountain
  8. Steppiní Out With My Baby
  9. High Hopes
  10. Makiní Whoopee! (Alternate Take)
  11. A Very Precious Love
  12. A Guy Is A Guy
  13. Meditation
  14. Something Wonderful
  15. Iíll Never Smile Again
  16. Singiní in the Rain
  17. If I Can Help Somebody
  18. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  19. Love Him

Disc 3: Classic Collaborations

  1. With A Song In My Heart (with Harry James & His Orchestra)
  2. Ainít We Got Fun (with Danny Thomas)
  3. Sentimental Journey (with Les Brown & His Orchestra)
  4. If I Give My Heart To You (with The Mellowmen)
  5. Falling In Love Again (with Andre Previn & His Trio)
  6. Why Canít I? (with Martha Raye)
  7. Love Ya (with Jack Smith)
  8. Love Somebody (with Buddy Clark)
  9. No Two People (with Donald OíConnor)
  10. Sugarbush (with Frankie Laine)
  11. Letís Walk That-A-Way (with Johnnie Ray)
  12. I Can Do Without You (with Howard Keel)
  13. While The Music Plays On (with Les Brown & His Orchestra)
  14. Crazy Rhythm (with Gene Nelson)
  15. Again (with The Mellowmen)
  16. Take An Old-Fashioned Walk (with Frank Sinatra)
  17. You Can Have Him (with Dinah Shore)
  18. There Once Was A Man (with John Raitt)
  19. A Little Kiss Goodnight (with Guy Mitchell)
  20. They Say Itís Wonderful (with Robert Goulet)