That Touch Of Mink
US Release Date: 14 June 1962

The wholesome Cathy Timberlake has her dress splashed and ruined by business tycoon Philip Shayne’s limo. She then meets him and falls for his charm. Shayne keen to seduce her, bestows her with gifts galore. Eventually he takes her on a trip to Bermuda with the intent of making her his mistress. Cathy however has much more “old-fashioned” visions of how their relationship will progress. This romantic-comedy pairing two of Hollywood’s best-loved stars was understandably the second highest grossing film of 1962. It also won a Golden Globe as Best Comedy and an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay.

Director(s): Delbert Mann
Producer(s): Robert Arthur, Stanley Shapiro & Martin Melcher
Studio: Universal  (USA)