The Man Who Knew Too Much
US Release Date: 16 May 1956

This is Alfred Hitchcock’s lavish remake of his 1935 movie of the same name. It was filmed on location in Marrakech and in London (one of only two occasions that Ms. Day visited England). The thrills and spills revolve around the American McKenna family who accidentally become involved in a series of international incidents while vacationing in French-Morocco. Murder, kidnap and suspense follow after the father overhears an assassination plot. This movie would not have been the same if Doris had not managed to squeeze in a couple musical interludes. The one that most will remember from this film is featured in the scene where her character tearfully sings at the piano the Academy Award winning song — Que Sera, Sera. Prior to this movie Hitchcock had not allowed a soundtrack song to feature in any of his epic movies!

Director(s): Alfred Hitchcock
Producer(s): Alfred Hitchcock
Studio: Paramount (USA)
Colour (Technicolor)