The Pajama Game
US Release Date: 29 August 1957

The much loved Broadway musical made its big-screen debut here and notably featured several of the original stage cast (e.g. John Raitt and Carol Haney). Doris was however drafted in to replace the show’s original female lead — Janis Paige. The tuneful tale of pyjamas, love and labour union vs. management conflicts is brought to life by some impressive dance numbers from pioneering choreographer Bob Fosse. Five decades after the film premiered, Warner Bros. (USA) released a DVD revealing a deleted scene of Doris singing the gorgeous ballad The Man Who Invented Love. This was originally cut from the movie in favour of a reprise of the tune Hey There.

Director(s): George Abbott & Stanley Donen
Producer(s): George Abbott, Stanley Donen & Frederick Brisson
Studio: Warner Bros. (USA)
Colour (Warnercolor)