Review of 'Forever Doris' DVD Set
Published: June 20, 2021

The all-new 'Forever Doris' 2-disc DVD tribute is a steam train journey extravaganza driven by cabaret singing-sensation and Doris Day admirer Scott Dreier who takes us fans on a ride filled with a whole lot of love, sunny memories and magical “choo-choo” moments!!

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There are hours of content to watch as the ‘Forever Doris’ project took several years to film. For us, the standout moments of this truly epic once-in-a-lifetime journey were Scottie’s guided tour (on DVD Disc 2) around Doris’ Carmel house (“Overlook”) giving a wonderful insight into her home life where she spent five decades surrounded by beautiful views, friends and her beloved four-leggers. Also, many of the interviews with Doris Day’s co-stars from her film and TV work paint a clear and interesting picture of the woman behind the Hollywood glitz and glamour. In fact, there are many deeply touching moments to enjoy as well as recollections from her co-stars about many other now departed Hollywood icons who Doris also worked with.

The DVD project is divided into various chapters which also include special event filmed footage including Doris at her past birthday celebrations waving from her Carmel balcony and mingling with her fans as well as other guest events honouring her life featuring on stage interviews with various co-stars.

Throughout the set are many video clips from Doris’ best loved movies, TV shows and photos from her own private collection reminding you of her legacy, her warmth and charm. The icing on Producer & Director Scott Dreier ultimate birthday cake are sweet and affectionate messages from Doris’ fans who explain the impact Doris Day had on their lives.

From start to end, it is apparent that ‘Forever Doris’ was made by and involved people who had a genuine love and respect for darling Doris Day. So, we shout to you now – “All a-board buy your ‘Forever Doris’ DVD sets now as this is a truly “Sentimental Journal” you can not miss out on!”

Best of all this DVD project raises much needed dollars for Doris’ charity the Doris Day Animal Foundation! So, please share this link and support this release.