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How did the webmaster discover Doris?

I discovered Doris Day in 1993 whilst she was riding high in the British ‘Top 20’ album charts with “The Hit Singles Collection”. It was shear curiosity after hearing the catchy-hook of her single “Move Over, Darling” that encouraged me to buy this album which I adored.

Why build a website on Doris?

In 1993, when I discovered Doris Day I was just a teenager. The internet was then barely in existence and had nothing to offer whatsoever on Doris Day. Curious to learn more about the star I joined the now defunct British fanclub, The Doris Day Society. Slowly but surely I discovered Doris’s movies & extensive music catalogue. I decided to share my knowledge about Doris' career on a new website which I built and launched on the 30 May 1998. This was the very first tribute to the star on the world wide web.

Has Doris ever seen this website?

Yes, in 1999, I sent Doris a printed version of this website. She later responded with this lovely letter (click here to read it). We kept in touch thereafter. And, in the 2000s, I launched an unofficial annual Doris Day wall calendar where I donated proceeds from sales to the Doris Day Animal Foundation. I have to date raised over $60,000US for Doris' beloved charity.

Did you work on Doris Day CDs?

Yes. As this website blossomed so did my appreciation of Doris' music and my involvement in the music industry. I was hired by Sony Music UK to put together a number of Doris Day related CD projects – the most significant of which was the ’80th birthday’ tribute CD set, 'Doris Day - Her Life in Music', and a 3CD reissue of Doris' sixties studio album, 'Latin for Loves' - both of which Doris Day assisted with..

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